Hamed Azimi
Hamed Azimi

My name is Hamed, originally from Iran, currently living in Canada,  academically studied law (in Iran and USA), and self-taught programmer. I’m so passionate about both areas and can’t leave one and stay with the other.  I have a big idea for years which is a legal service to the world, and it’s a combination of law and technology, and I keep learning both areas and hope to launch that project one day soon!

In university, I focused on Law


Azad Univerisy
2009 - 2013
Tehran-North Branch


Tehran University
2014 - 2016
International Trade Law


Pennsylvania State University
2017 - 2018
Mainly US Law

Work Experience
I love Law, but I'm also passionate about Technology


International Arbitration and Law Firm
2015 - Now

Sasco Builders

California - San Jose
2018 - 2019
Legal Manager

Xise Inc.

Tech Company
2019 - Now

Activities and Services
I enjoy creating solutions using technology

Legal Hackathon

Winner of the first round of Global Legal Hackathon
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Legal Social Network FA

Feature-rich, dedicated platform
For the members of the legal society
In Persian (Check)

Legal Social Network EN

Feature-rich, dedicated platform
For the members of the legal society
In English (Check)


Creating solutions with Tech
Developing Software, Teaching the Tech, and more... Check


Developing add-ons for Xenforo
Soon will be retired!

Cent Insure

Feature-rich, dedicated platform
For everyone related to Insurance
In Persian (Check Soon)

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