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One of the main goals of any community is to help its members connect, and stay connected. The members who have something in common, and they want to be together, learn together, shop together, have fun together, and grow together.

But a community can be very big, and in this case, no all the members have a lot of things in common. In this case, everyone will start sharing the content that a lot of others may not be interested in. Here is when Groups comes handy.

What kind of groups can be created?

When creating a new group, you need to pick a category for it. If the group’s goal or subject is not related to any of those categories, it means that the group is not supposed to be created in this community. (Although, you can always contact us and suggest a new category, and we always appreciate the feedback)

But as a general rule, any vendor, product, teacher, course, service, project, and specific subject can have its own group.

Group types

Please make sure you select the right type for the group you create. There are 3 main types of groups: Public, Closed, Secret/Hidden.

As the public groups are accessible from outside of the groups, and even non-members can see the content of it, it is very important to select it with cautious. If the group’s content doesn’t benefit all the members of the community and is particularly useful for only the people who join the group, please make it either closed or secret/hidden.


We have the right to delete any group, without any prior notice. Periodically we check the groups and their content, and if they don’t follow the rules, we may contact the owner about it, or we may delete it in the first place.

We do our best to keep the community as clean and useful as possible, and we appreciate all your affords too.

About the author: Official Staff Hamed Azimi
Academically studied law and self-taught coding (well, not a pure autodidact though!). I’m so much passionate about both areas and can’t leave one and stay with the other.

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