Lessons Carved in Pain, Wisdom Forged in Tears.

Navigating Life’s Brutal Realities

Lesson 1: People hear but don’t listen

In a world buzzing with noise, it’s a poignant realization when you find yourself pouring your heart out to someone, only to be met with vacant stares and nods. It’s the painful acknowledgment that, perhaps, they weren’t really listening at all. We speak, we share, and we hope for understanding, but too often, what we get in return is mere auditory acknowledgment. It’s the bitter sting of realizing that your words, your thoughts, your very essence, may have fallen on deaf ears. So, we learn to keep it brief, to say only what’s necessary, to spare ourselves the disappointment of expecting genuine engagement from those who merely hear, but never truly listen.

Lesson 2: Talk when you’re asked twice

The agony of realizing that your voice, your perspective, is nothing more than an afterthought to those who feign interest. How many times have we been asked for our opinion, only to have it brushed aside like inconsequential chatter? We wait for the second prompt, hoping against hope that this time, perhaps, our words will hold weight. But more often than not, our thoughts dissipate into the void, lost among the cacophony of indifference. It’s a lesson learned through the frustration of wasted breaths and unheeded words, teaching us to guard our thoughts until they are truly sought after, for anything less is a betrayal of our time and our worth.

Lesson 3: People forget a lot more than you can remember

The cruel irony of pouring your soul into deeds and words, only to watch them fade into the recesses of forgetfulness. How easily we are discarded, our efforts erased from memory as if they never existed. We give, we serve, we love, only to be met with fleeting gratitude and transient acknowledgment. It’s a harsh truth to swallow, knowing that what we hold dear is but a passing thought in the minds of others. Yet, despite the pain of being forgotten, we continue to give, to love, to hope, for it is in our nature to persevere, even in the face of such relentless oblivion.

Lesson 4: If you “owe” them, they assume they “own” you (but not vice versa)

The imbalance of expectations, where our sacrifices are seen as obligatory and our kindness mistaken for subservience. We give of ourselves freely, only to be met with entitlement and ingratitude. How easily the scales tip in favor of those who believe themselves owed, while we are left burdened by the weight of their demands. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, realizing that our generosity is seen as nothing more than an obligation, while their smallest gestures are heralded as acts of immense sacrifice. Yet, we learn to navigate this uneven terrain, mindful of the boundaries we must set, for our worth is not defined by the demands of others, but by the integrity of our own hearts.

Hamed Azimi

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