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[XP] Verification Badge


Make your website more formal but differentiating the members that provide you with their official documents from the others. Give them verification badge and let all visitors know their profile is official.

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Using this add-on, you can edit any user from acp, and simply using a checkbox mark the user as Verified.

Verified users will have a badge next to their username (left OR right, based on your choice in the add-on’s options)



  • Location of the Badge (left OR right)
  • Maximum item attachment file size (KB)
  • Maximum attachments per request
  • Allowed request attachment file extensions
  • Requests Per Page

Style Properties
User Criteria

  • User Has Verification Badge
  • User doesn’t have Verification Badge
  • User requested verification badge at least x times
  • User requested verification badge no more than x times


  • Manage Verification Badge Requests
  • Request Verification Badge
  • Max Verification Badge Request per user
  • Upload attachments to Verification Badge Request
  • View own Verification Badge Request
  • Edit own Requests

Request Verification Badge System

  • Users will see an option to ask for verification badge, in their profile
  • Each user can ask for verification badge x times (user group permission)
  • Users can write a comment and attach files while requesting verification badge
  • Moderators can reject, accept, or close the requests (approving a request will automatically close all other requests by that user if the user had permission to submit more than 1 request)
  • The accepted request will mark the user as verified and the user will get verification badge automatically
  • Rejected requests will lose their verification badge (in the case when another moderator manually granted them the badge while you were checking their request)
  • Usergroup permissions are added to fully control this feature (permission to request, number of requests, attach files to request, edit request, and manage requests)
  • Ability to control the number of times each user can request the badge
  • 2 User Criteria (User requested at least x times, user-requested no more than x times)
  • User alerts for request status change
  • User’s account info/details in request page (“Verification Badge Requests Count” will also show user’s all requests)


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