Welcome to the community

Here is a private community of my family, friends, relatives, colleagues, fans, followers, current and potential clients, and anyone else whom I know or he/she somehow knows me, to Teach, Learn, Grow, Trade, Change and Share together!

I didn’t make this community with this in mind to make the next social network, and that is why I always have the word “Private” before the community. I always try to invite the people who are related to me, one way or another, and I hope to see only the people who know me somehow, to join the community.

What is the goal?

The goal of this community is to help everyone in it, communicate, grow, learn, earn, and feel better. That is why we are going to see different tools and sections as time goes by, including but not limited to Shop, Groups, Courses, and… (Stay Tuned!)

Who can post?

Some of the tools and sections are for all the members. For example, everyone can create groups, post in the groups, post in their profile or the main stream, add friends, chat with others, buy products, gain badges, enroll in courses and …

On the other side, some other sections are limited to the admins (at least for now. It may change in the future). For example, selling products in Shop, or creating free educational material or selling courses, and creating a personal blog or posting content on the blog.

Our main goal is to also let members create and manage their own shop, sell their products, create free or paid courses, and much more. But reaching that goal needs time.

Rules, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions

Without rules, nothing can stay. That’s why we also set some rules for the community. Please take your time, and read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions carefully. Your continued use of the website is your acceptance of all our rules and conditions.

Aside from the main rules mentioned above, each section like Shop, Courses, Jobs, Classified and … may have their own Terms and Rules, and even more, each product, or each course, or any other content or item, may have their own policy, which they will present in their pages, and your usage of them is as your complete acceptance.

Invite people

If you know someone who knows me, or if you know someone whom I know, or even if you know someone you believe either I have to know him/her, or they have to know me, please invite them to this community. Let us connect and grow.

About the author: Official Staff Hamed Azimi
Academically studied law and self-taught coding (well, not a pure autodidact though!). I’m so much passionate about both areas and can’t leave one and stay with the other.

Get involved!

Get Connected!

Come and join our community. Expand your network and get to know new people!


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