Give a second chance, but not the third

Give a second chance, but not the third

Giving a second chance is a sign of empathy and kindness, but the third one is the sign of stupidity

We are all human. Wrongdoing is part of the human being. Sometimes we know we are wrong, and sometimes we unknowingly and unwillingly make mistakes.

It usually makes sense to give a second chance, just like it’s always good to have a second chance. The second chance is there to let people show their good faith, but the third one usually opens the door to exploitation.

Take your time before giving the second chance

If someone does something wrong, step back, take your time, and don’t rush to make the next decision. Let yourself calm down, and let the other person think about their actions.

Giving a second chance immediately after the incident usually results in ignorance. The other party doesn’t really feel he/she was given a second chance and they won’t revise their behaviors accordingly.

Don’t assume people are smart when it comes to understanding their wrongdoings. When you give a second chance, make it clear, preferably indirectly. (people tend to go to the defensive mode when they are targetted directly)

Treat yourself the same way you treat others when it comes to a second chance

One of the biggest reasons why we see no progress in our lives is that we keep giving ourselves second, third, and more and more chances.

When you set a goal or if you have a plan or task, but for some reason, you stop committing, a second chance might be alright, but there should be consequences in place for further lack of commitment.

One thing many people don’t pay attention to is the fact that our own actions are far more important and effective toward our success or failure than other people’s actions.

Rules and conditions on second chance apply to both personal and professional life

Usually, when we talk about giving a second chance, the first thing that comes to mind is an incident in our personal life. Although that’s mostly the case, everything mentioned above also applies to professional life.

Our jobs, business, or once-in-a-while opportunities are actually far more sensitive. You might be totally fine to give a second chance if a friend hurts your feeling, but it might be wise not to give even a second chance if a person abuses your trust.

Wrongdoings in your personal life usually only impact you, and mostly you can recover quickly (sometimes you don’t even care). But in professional life, it can ruin your whole business, impact others as well, and can take a long time to recover (and sometimes you can’t really have a full recovery ever)

Quotes on second chances

  • “When God gives you a second chance, it’s not something you take for granted.” — Lane Kiffin
  • “We all deserve second chances, but not for the same mistake.” — Thabiso Owethu Xabanisa
  • “A man deserves a second chance, but keep an eye on him.” – John Wayne